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Hiking information

Before doing any outdoor sports activites, it is important to make sure that you are vaccinated against tetanus.

Choose a walk that is appropriate to your present level of fitness and endurance. If you have not hiked for several months, choose a shorter hike – less than 20 kms.
If you are not sure, you can contact the leader of the hike up to the evening before the hike.


Membership fees are 35 € for walking activities, or 41 € if you also want to include bicycle and canoe-kayak outings.

These fees are valid for one year from September 1 to August 31 of the following year. They include membership in the FFRandonnée (French national hiking federation), civil liability insurance and also assistance in case of a physical accident or serious illness anywhere in the world.

Just fill out an application form, sign it and send it along with a check to this address :

Rando's Île-de-France

Maison des associations - BAL 69
181 avenue Daumesnil
75012 PARIS

About us

Rando's is a non-profit association created in 1986, which today counts over 300 gays and lesbians.

Our volunteers propose activities where we can get together to share outdoor activities and cultural visits in a friendly atmosphere.


We offer many different activities

  • Day walks and hikes
  • Bicycle outings
  • Cultural visits
  • Cinema club
  • Canoe-kayak outings
  • Holidays of one week or longer


You can walk with us almost every weekend and public holiday day all year long. There is a full programme of walks suitable for everyone, from short walks to longer, more demanding hikes.


Let's find out about Rando's Ile-de-France in this section, but guess what ? It is in English !