Rando's is a non-profit association created in 1986, which today counts over 300 gays and lesbians.

Our volunteers propose activities where we can get together to share outdoor activities and cultural visits in a friendly atmosphere.


We offer many different activities

  • Day walks and hikes
  • Bicycle outings
  • Cultural visits
  • Cinema club
  • Canoe-kayak outings
  • Holidays of one week or longer


You can walk with us almost every weekend and public holiday day all year long. There is a full programme of walks suitable for everyone, from short walks to longer, more demanding hikes.

Our cultural visits usually take place on weekday evenings or during the daytime on Saturdays.

We maintain contacts with other gay groups to defend the rights of the Lesbian-Gay, Bi-Trans community and to continue the fight against A.I.D.S.   Every year, we participate in the Gay Pride Parade.

Many of our members speak English, and at our gatherings, there is always someone who can speak English and sometimes other languages as well.