Membership fees are 35 € for walking activities, or 41 € if you also want to include bicycle and canoe-kayak outings.

These fees are valid for one year from September 1 to August 31 of the following year. They include membership in the FFRandonnée (French national hiking federation), civil liability insurance and also assistance in case of a physical accident or serious illness anywhere in the world.

Just fill out an application form, sign it and send it along with a check to this address :

Rando's Île-de-France

Maison des associations - BAL 69
181 avenue Daumesnil
75012 PARIS

If you are spending only a short time in Paris, you can come and join us without becoming a member.
Or, if you would like to walk with us one or two times before you decide to become a member, just fill out the appropriate form on our web site.

Click on "Non-adhérent ? Rando's vous invite" and fill out the form. You will become a "trial member" for 2 weeks with no obligations. A trial membership can be requested only one time. We need to do this for insurance purposes.